The App for School Sport Canterbury.

There is an abundance of info about School Sport Canterbury, how to contact them, and their policies within reach on the app. Key documents such as risk management plans, their constitution and code of behaviour can all be accessed under the information tab on the home screen.
Draws and results can also be retrieved in the app and are organised by sport, gender and age to make the process as simple as possible for athletes and parents. Whether you’re looking for indoor girls’ football or senior boys’ tennis, everything you need to know is in one place.
All the parks and grounds have been identified on a map of Christchurch and information concerning the grounds’ facilities and parking etc. can all be found under the Locations section. You’ll never end up at the wrong field five minutes before a game again.
The School Sport Canterbury app is available now for download here for iOS devices and here for Android devices, share with your students; staff and school community.