Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption  (PCRE) 

Schools that exceed the quota of “New to School” players in any sport may be able to apply for exemption from the quota for students that have relocated (Changed schools) as a consequence of their parents relocation.

PCRE exemption forms are available from Documents found below.

As from January 1 2021 SSC Management Committee has introduced additional requirements to this exemption process, made through the witnessed Declaration.

  • The Parent/Caregiver must provide an explanation that the enrolment in the new school is as a consequence of the primary caregivers relocation.
  • The parent/caregiver must provide an explanation that the student could not reasonably have been expected to remain at the previous school.
  • The parent/caregiver is required to advise the Regional Sports Director should the circumstances upon which the PCRE has been granted, has changed. The committee reserves the right to review the original application.

Both the PCRE Application and Parental Declaration should be submitted to the Regional Sport Director along with utility bills providing proof of residency at the given address.

Please ensure the PCRE application is lodged four weeks prior to the start of the event, competition or tournament.

PCRE Application Form

Parent Caregiver PCRE Declaration

SSNZ PCRE information

Link to the School Sport New Zealand website


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