Road Race Championships 2019

2019 NZSSAA Relay – Canterbury application form

Info Sheet and Application form for the Regional Relay to be held on the Sunday morning (16th June) after the NZ Cross Country Championships in Timaru.



2019 Information

Below is the map that has been updated to to another event being held at the same venue;

2019 Canterbury SS Road Championships Map – FINAL Dry Warm Day Course


DATE OF EVENT:Thursday 9 May 2019 [Thursday 16 May postponed date]
VENUE:Canterbury A & P Show Grounds
[Entrance off Curletts Rd]
TIME:First race 12.40pm
Managers meeting 12.30pm



EVENT                                  AGE LIMIT              DISTANCE               START TIME (approx)

Para – All Grades                     Under 21                     1.0 km                         12.40pm

Para – All Grades                    Under 21                     2.0 km                         1.10pm

Year 9 Boys                             –                                  3 km                            1.30pm

Year 9 Girls                           –                                   3 km                            1.31pm

Under 16 Boys                        Under 16                     3 km                            1.55pm

Under 16 Girls                        Under 16                     3 km                            1.56pm

Senior Boys                             Under 19                     4 km                            2.15pm

Senior Girls                             Under 19                     3 km                            2.16pm




Road Race Senior Champions 2019

Senior Boys -Cameron Clark [BURN]
Senior Girls – Liliana Braun [CASH]