2023 Cross Country Information

2023 Canterbury SS Cross Country Champs Course Map

2023 Canterbury SS Cross Country Risk Management Plan

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DATE OF EVENT: Thursday 2 June 2022
VENUE: Ascot Golf Park, entrance Ascot Ave, beside QEII Park, North New Brighton
TIME: First race 12.40pm

Managers meeting is 12.20pm



EVENT                                  AGE LIMIT              DISTANCE                START TIME


Para – All Grades                     U 21                            1 km                            12.40pm

Para – All Grades                    U21                             2 km                            1.00pm

Year 9 Boys                            –                                  3 km                               1.30pm

Year 9 Girls                             –                                   3 km                            1.31pm

U16 Boys                                                                    3 km                            1.55pm

U16 Girls                                                                    3 km                            1.56pm

Senior Boys                             U19                             4 km                            2.15pm

Senior Girls                             U19                             3 km                            2.16pm

Students must be under the age of 19 years as 31 December 2022 and fulfil the eligibility criteria for competition in secondary school sport as defined by the NZSSS Council.  Students in Years 7 & 8 are not eligible to participate.

Entries will be accepted from schools which are not partner schools of the Canterbury Secondary Schools Sports Director’s Office, but these entries will not be eligible to win trophies or other awards, or be recognised in the final rankings of this Canterbury Secondary Schools event.  Appropriate certificates will, however, acknowledge performances of merit by such entries.