Equestrian Sports NZ has launched a roadshow series as part of a nationwide programme funded by Sport NZ to boost recreation among participants and athletes across all sports

Strengthen and Adapt is to enable sports like equestrian to co-design a future across all arenas of our sport to share ideas and future build, the equestrian landscape is very broad in this country.  Almost everyone has a connection with horses at some stage in their lives, and the lucky ones get to explore the sport further.

Therefore, we wanted to share with you and all the NZSSSC community (Equestrian schools especially) that we have just launched the consultation phase and would love as many people as possible from NZSSSC (including any equestrian schools), who would be interested to come and have their say, we will of course share and look to partner with NZSSSC on any outcomes of this roadshow that will support and impact your future direction.

Please find the link to the to our website about the first three regions coming online and how to register.


You can follow ESNZ on their Facebook and Instagram pages

If you have any further questions or concerns contact Jo Colin (General Manager) jo@nzequestrian.org.nz / (04) 499 8994 Ex 201



Entries are now open for our Canterbury Secondary Schools One Day Eventing Championships.

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