Queries in regard to the sport of Tennis contact Angelina at School Sport Canterbury

Term One Tennis Competition 2022

All entries to be done via EnterNOW
Entries close on Wednesday 16 February at 1.00pm.


Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Senior Tennis Championships 2022
14 – 15 February – Wilding Park
Entries close on Tuesday 8 February 1.00pm

Under the current Red traffic light under the CPF there will be a limit to 100 participants for the 2022 Senior Tennis champs [So the top 16/100 person maximum] for Boys & Girls’ singles and doubles for the event and we reserve the right to decline entries that are over this capacity limit. 24/1/2022

All entries must be entered via Enter NOW by schools

Any late entries will incur an extra fee of $10.00 per team. This will be charged to the school account.

Schools can confirm their entries by logging into EnterNOW and printing off a PDF confirmation


Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Junior Tennis Championships 2021
23 – 24 November – Wilding Park
Entries close on Monday 15 November @1.00pm
All entries must be entered via Enter NOW by schools.